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If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader – John Quincy Adams

At Bharat Petroleum, we are guided by an inspiring vision and an exceptional Board of Directors. They have led us to achieve phenomenal results and surpassing records, on our path to excellence.

With their guidance, BPCL is committed towards transcending boundaries in all our endeavours and retaining the competitive edge throughout.

Meet the team that consistently drives Bharat Petroleum to go beyond...

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  • Shri. D. Rajkumar

    Shri. D. Rajkumar

    Chairman & Managing Director

  • Shri. R. Ramachandran

    Shri. R. Ramachandran

    Director (Refineries)

  • Shri. K. Padmakar

    Shri. K. Padmakar

    Director (Human Resources)

  • Mr.Arun Singh

    Shri. Arun Kumar Singh


  • Mr. N. Vijayagopal

    Shri. N. Vijayagopal

    Director (Finance)

  • Dr. K. Ellangovan

    Dr. K. Ellangovan

    Government Director

  • Shri. Rajiv Bansal

    Shri. Rajiv Bansal

    Government Director

  • Shri. Rajesh Mangal

    Shri. Rajesh Mangal

    Independent Director
  • Shri. Gopal Chandra Nanda

    Shri. Vishal Vinod Sharma

    Independent Director
  • Smt. J.M. Shanti Sundharam

    Smt. J.M. Shanti Sundharam

    Independent Director
  • Shri Vinay Sheel Oberoi

    Shri Vinay Sheel Oberoi

    Independent Director