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Conversion Table


Refer to the Bharat Petroleum Conversion Table for references to products and their conversion factors.

Product Conversion Factor Product Conversion Factor
MS 1.411 HEXANE 1.506
HSD 1.210 MTO 1.302
LDO 1.172 BENZENE 1.131
FO 1.071 TOLUENE 1.148
SKO 1.285 XYTOL 1.149
LSHS 1.017 PPFS 1.942
NAPHTHA 1.468 MTBE 1.411
REF. NAP. 1.468 KO (LABFS) 1.285
SBP 1.468 BITUMEN 1.002


  • For Converting quantity from mts. to kls multiply by conversion factor
  • For Converting quantity from kls. to mts divide by conversion factor
  • For Converting rate of products from kls. to mts.multiply by the conversion factor
  • For Converting rate of products from mts. to kls.multiply by the conversion factor


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