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About Fuels & Services

About Fuels & Services 

We at Bharat Petroleum, offers world-class Fuel Stations (Petrol Pump) across the country, selling Petrol, Diesel, Automotive LPG and CNG.

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Pure for Sure

Speed Fuels

Keeping pace with changing needs of our customers and their vehicles, we offer a range of new generation fuels.

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Progress of digital/cashless drive across BPCL petrol pumps Click Here



Measures for enabling cashless transactions
BPCL POS Report: Updated on 04.09.17
Total Nos. of ROs Total No of ROs with POS as on 4.09.17 Total Nos. of POS             No of ROs (without POS) KYC submittted for POS
    SBI HDFC Axis ICICI AMEX Other Total  
13840 12312 6350 8815 996 642 246 3005 20054 1528

Petro Prices

Explore Indian fuel prices.



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