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The 150,000 barrels per day Kochi Refinery is a fuel based refinery producing all petroleum fuel products such as:

  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas

    Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Superior Kerosene Oil (SKO) for households and industrial uses

  • Motor Spirit

    Motor Spirit (MS/ Petrol) and Hi-speed Diesel (HSD) for automobiles

  • Naphtha

    Naphtha, the major raw material for fertilizer and petrochemical industries

  • Furnace Oil

    Furnace Oil (FO), Light Diesel Oil (LDO) and Low Sulphur Heavy Stock (LSHS) as fuel for industries

  • Aviation Turbine Fuel

    Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) for aircrafts




  • Benzene for manufacture of caprolactum, phenol, insecticides and other chemicals
  • Special Boiling Point Spirit (SBPS) used as solvent in tyre industry
  • Toluene for manufacture of solvents and insecticides, pharmaceuticals and paint
  • Mineral Turpentine Oil (MTO) for use in textile and paint industry
  • Sulphur for use in fertilizer, sugar, chemicals and tyre industry
  • Poly Isobutene (PIB) for manufacture of lubricants and cable jelly
  • Propylene as a feedstock for various petrochemicals


Natural Rubber Modified Bitumen or Rubberised Bitumen: Natural Rubber Modified Bitumen (NRMB) is one of Kochi Refinery’s premium products that revolutionized road development. NRMB has been on a fast track since its introduction in 1999.

Bitumen, which is derived from petroleum, is a critical component in road building. Polymer added to Bitumen enhances both quality and longevity of roads. Kochi Refinery in association with leading research institutes made an in-depth study on feasibility of using natural rubber available in abundance in Kerala, to develop the premium product, NRMB. NRMB has improved many roads throughout the region. Its success track is evident from the smooth Seaport-Airport road in Cochin. NRMB is a superior mix of bitumen and natural rubber latex. It is superior in quality to ordinary bitumen in terms of penetration, softening point and elastic recovery. NRMB is not affected by temperature fluctuations-less bleeding at high temperature and less cracking at low temperature. Improved skid resistance and more service life are the booster effects along with prime factors like save fuel, reduces traffic noise pollution and atmospheric pollution. All this sums up to reduced road maintenance cost.

Specifications of Rubberised Bitumen as approved by Indian Road Congress Vs. Ordinary Bitumen:

Specifications / (Units) Significance Rubberised Bitumen Ordinary Bitumen
Elastic Recovery* - half tread in ductilometerat 150 C (%) Deformation due to load 35 min 10-12
Penetration at 250 C (0.1 mm, 100 g, 5 sec.) Hardness- Consistency 50-89 80 - 100 & 60 - 70
Softening point – R&B Lower Softening point results in softening of the surface    

* The most important property of Rubberised Bitumen is its elastic recovery. The elastic nature prevents rutting permanent deformation due to the load over the road).



This eco-friendly product was launched by the refinery in June 2005. Bitumen in different grades is used for road maintenance and construction. Bitumen requires heating for the temporary reduction of viscosity. With Bitumen Emulsion, which is a ready to use product, there is no need for the preliminary heating. Reduced road maintenance cost, energy savers, economical, longer service life for roads and reduced atmospheric pollution during road laying/ maintenance are some of the advantages of Bitumen Emulsion.
The following grades of Bitumen Emulsion are produced in Kochi Refinery meeting IS 8887:2004 specifications:

  • Bitumen Emulsion Rapid Setting-1 (BERS-1)
  • Bitumen Emulsion Rapid Setting-2 (BERS-2)
  • Bitumen Emulsion MediumSetting-1 (BEMS-1)
  • Bitumen Emulsion Slow Setting-1 (BESS-1)
  • Bitumen Emulsion Slow Setting-2 (BESS-2)


After years of pure and applied research, Kochi Refinery hit upon the formula for high performing Diesel. Kochi Refinery’s Diesel Additive is an indigenous product successfully tested in laboratories both locally and globally.
Trials at various stages in various types of vehicles have also been completed. When used along with diesel in a specified proportion, it improves the combustion inside engine cylinder, thereby reducing harmful exhaust emissions and assuring better fuel efficiency.

Diesel Additive is suitable for all engines, which use diesel as fuel like automobiles, boats, power generators, locomotives, etc. It helps enhancing the engine efficiency through faster rate of heat release. It also keeps the cylinder peak pressure to the optimum level, which means the system requires less energy to maintain relatively low pressure and thus allowing the engine to run smoothly. Immediate results on these changes in combustion pattern are reduction in engine noise

  • Locomotives

  • Boats

  • Automobiles

  • Power Generators