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Efforts, in brief, made towards technology absorption, adaptation and innovation

Efforts, in brief, made by the Mumbai Refinery towards technology absorption, adaptation and innovation.

  • CCG Gasoline stream filter (G002 A/B) commissioned and processed gasoline heavy cut for the first time in NHT/CCR resulting in additional feed of 200 MT per Day to CCR during RMP turnaround.
  • CDU-4 APC has been successfully commissioned on 27th December, 2016. There are 8 controllers in the unit as all the controllers are on.  Pass balancing in CDU heater has resulted in reducing the deviation (of 8 passes) to 2 deg. C. as compared to difference of 10 deg. C. earlier in CDU heater. 
  • Benefits of implementation of APC in Boiler House are approx. Rs. 1.32 lakhs/day.  This is due to:
    • Reducing the steam header pressure by 0.1 Kg leads to a savings in fuel oil consumption of ~4 T/D.
    • The average excess O2 has reduced from 5.84% average baseline to 3.38% post APC control, equivalent to 4.2 MT/D.
  • Consistent benefit of CCR Reactor Section Controller (commissioned on 27th April, 2016) with respect to lower WAIT (538 to 530 deg. C.), lower fuel fired (less by 5.0 MT/D) & lower CCR RGC MP Steam consumption (54 MT/D) and higher Hydrogen production (14.0 MT/D) was observed. 
  • Divided wall column was provided instead of conventional column in ISOM unit which resulted in saving of 300 t/d of steam

(a)   The details of Technology imported; and (b) the year of Import

Technology Year of import
NHT / CCR unit licensed by M/s. Axens IFP Group Technologies, France   2014
NHT / ISOM unit licensed by M/s. GTC Technology, USA 2017
LRVP in Vacuum column of two crude units 2017

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