About Automotive Lubricants


Engine Oil to a two-wheeler is like blood in a human body. It courses through the arteries of the engine, gathering carbon and other impurities to ensure your engine operates smoothly. Your Two-wheeler’s Engine Oil needs to be periodically checked & changed ( every 3 months) to ensure it performs its job well. Prolonged usage of used engine oil will damage your two-wheeler’s engine and affect your mileage too. Unfortunately, most two-wheeler owners tend to ignore this vital part of their vehicle’s maintenance.

BHARAT PETROLEUM brings to you a unique initiative by MAK Lubricants- the MAK Quik Oil Change

Under this initiative, MAK Quik Oil Change (QOC) kiosks have been installed at 3000 BPCL Retail outlets across India. At MAK QOCs, your two-wheeler’s oil change is done through a specialized machine that sucks out the used Engine Oil under vacuum pressure. The process cleans the oil sump completely thus giving a better driving experience after change of Oil through QOC

A Background

The benefits of the MAK QOC are:

TRANSPARENT: You can witness for yourself as the sludge and slurry on the inner walls of the sump gets sucked out alongwith the used engine oil into a glass container.

FASTER : It takes only 5 minutes to complete the entire process of suction cleaning of sump and change of oil.

GENUINE : You are assured of genuine MAK Engine Oil at our Retail Outlets.

ECONOMICAL : You only pay for the MAK Engine Oil. The oil change service is free!

COME experience the MAK QOC effect at your nearest BPCL Retail Outlet!