Managing the brand

Managing the brand

Lubes as a category shares similar characteristics of the FMCG sector, where brand equity plays a vital role in brand reputation.

Therefore, the BPCL’s MAK Lubricants brand has leveraged both ATL and BTL routes to enhance brand equity of MAK Lubricants. In addition to ATL activities, especially in the electronic, outdoors and print media, MAK has been very active in numerous BTL activities - be it Nukkad Nataks or “one-day wonders” and other promotional programmes at points of purchase.

Consumer and influencer engagement activities have now formed the core of BPCL’s marketing activities, thus giving impetus to building the MAK Lubricant Brand.

Consumer & Influencer engagement activities

Consumer & Influencer engagement activities

As the consumer has moved away from retail outlets to service stations or mechanics, it has been critical to establish a strong linkage with consumers that efficiently results in enhancing brand equity.

Therefore, organising consumer or influencer engagement activities needs to be a sustained effort. Some of the events that triggered win-win propositions for all MAK Lubricants stakeholders are:

One Day Wonder (ODW) : This is one/two-day event is held at retail outlets or open markets where consumers are offered attractive propositions to choose from. The offers range from education kiosks on lubricants, free oil changes, attractive assured gifts and sweepstakes. This also forms a collaborative platform for Dealers and Distributors to create cross-selling opportunities. While each sales officer conducts at least one ODW per month currently, many of our dealers repeat such events on their own as follow-up programmes.

MAK QUIK : The objective of the MAK QUIK Programme is to engage with consumers and create consumption centers at retail outlets. We undertake free oil change promotions, where customers only pay for the products and the service is free-of-cost. As the customer can see the oil change process, there is trust generated in the brand.

MAK Mechanic Meets : Mechanic enrolment programmes are regularly conducted across domestic geographies to impart technical knowledge on lubricants. Select mechanics are the advanced to the next level where they are imparted further training and get to visit the Refinery, R&D and Blending plant. This unique Mechanic engagement programme called as ‘MAK Manthan’ successfully creates multiple Brand Ambassadors in different parts of the country.

Industry Seminars: Lubrication practices vary from industry to industry. However, there is usually one common resources to manage maintenance and lubrication. In order to keep them updated and informed about latest developments and lubes-handling practices, the BPCL MAK brand conducts technical seminars via in-house faculties at various potential industries.

Participation in Exhibitions & Melas : In an effort to connect with larger audiences, MAK Lubricants participates in several industrial exhibitions. Such events present the perfect opportunity for MAK to reach out to industrial customers. Apart for being able to impart information to customers one-on-one, events such as the Krishi Mela and Kisan Mela give us the opportunity to educate rural consumers on lubricants, while showcasing our expertise in spray oils for fruits, vegetables, rubber etc.

MAK @ your doorstep : Experience MAK right at your doorstep as the MAK team and their counterparts arrange for oil-changing campaigns at a location nearest to you. Be it industries or large housing complexes, the sheer availability of quality products at a convenient place and time has become an instant hit and is much sought after.

MAK Lubricants is confident of making a sustained impact with its substantial and sustained efforts and investments. MAK aims to synergise the business between channels, improve quality and quantity standards, invest in R&D for new product developments and aggressively build brands that result in maximising value addition for both the business and its customers.


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