Bharat Petroleum is Future Ready – All Refineries are BS-VI Grade Compliant

D. C. Patra, Chief General Manager I/C Corporate Planning


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'We need more hydrocarbon molecules in our cars, but less carbon dioxide in the air’. This contrast between focusing on energy and less pollution is moving the development paradigm of India into enigmatic dilemma. The nation is committed to United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals; it is also a part of United Nation’s Framework Convention on Climate Change. So as to lessen the damage being caused to the environment from automobile use, the country is poised to leapfrog to Bharat Stage (BS) VI standard of auto fuel from existing BS IV.

What differentiates the existing and forthcoming standard of fuel is the presence of sulphur; basically less sulphur content. The existing grade, of auto fuel, which is BS IV, contains 50 parts per million (ppm) sulphur; the forthcoming BS VI grade contains only 10 ppm sulphur. Moreover, with the upgradation, harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) emitting from diesel cars can be pulled down by 70 per cent, and in the petrol driven cars, it can be brought down by 25%. Moreover, BS VI will also bring down the particulate matter        like PM 2.5 and PM 10 by phenomenally 80 %.

About MAK Lubricants

In this very context, Bharat Petroleum has taken proactive steps to make its Refineries to produce petrol and diesel with compliance to BS VI Grade. Though the effective date of implementation of BS VI fuels in country is 1st April 2020, our Refineries are ready to produce fuels meeting this specification.

Over the last two years, BPCL Group Refineries have together invested Rs. 5,969 Crores to upgrade our Refineries to produce BS VI Grade fuel, using latest technology available globally, which has also created direct & indirect employment of 1,474 thousand man-days.

So, statistically speaking, as of now, BPCL Group Refineries are competent enough to produce 7MMT BS VI compliant Petrol and 18.9 MMT of BS VI compliant Diesel in next financial year. This constitutes approximately 24% of Petrol and 23% of Diesel consumed by the nation last year. Production capacity of BS VI Petrol & Diesel by BPCL Group Refineries in Financial Year 2019-20      is given below –

Refinery BS VI Grade Petrol (MMT) BS VI Grade Diesel (MMT)
Mumbai Refinery 2.4 6.2
Kochi Refinery 3.0 8.1
Bina Refinery 1.3 3.9
Numaligarh Refinery 0.3 0.7

The nation will now consume cleaner auto fuel as supplied by Bharat Petroleum, adding its contribution to reduce air pollution, which means long and healthy life for people.