Bharatgas offers its customers End-to-end solutions

Bharatgas offers end-to-end solutions for Industrial Customers

Welcome to Bharatgas - A world-class combination of clean, affordable fuel and efficient services that can fuel the growth in your prestigious organisations!

LPG touches our lives in so many ways. From housing to health, from garments to glass, from livestock to hospitality, ‘Bharatgas’ plays an essential role in making your products superior, durable and simply the best.

Bharatgas, one of BPCL’s seven business units, is engaged in marketing of LPG and propane across the country. Bharatgas offers LPGand propane in bulk and packed cylinders to meet the demands of industries, hotels, malls, IT parks, automobiles etc. Bharatgas also offers various industrial services, including customer advisory services, energy audits, e-banking, consultancy & technical services, fuel management systems etc. to organisations that need them.

We believe in adding value to customers as the ultimate differentiator in today’s market place. Understanding customer behaviour and tracking their aspirations holds the key to our success! This conviction is at the core of all our actions and drives us to continuously innovate and provide outstanding customer convenience.

Bharatgas believes in creating an environment that treats the customers as members of the BharatgasParivar, coming across as a people business, and not as a giant faceless organisation. Yet, we’re anything but small, as we’ve been dominating the Indian LPG market for more than three decades!

Bharatgas is equipped with world class infrastructure that enables supply of customized LPG as per customer convenience. With our in-house team of experts, robust network of distributors, business associates and transporters, Bharatgas is ever-ready to meet all your fuel requirements and have harnessed the latest in technology, contemporary equipments, online customer portals, SMS/e-mail alerts, and RTGS/NEFT facilities etc. to deliver best-in-class services promptly.

Being a business unit of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, a global energy company, we provide end-to-end solutions that fulfil all your energy with modern fuels like customized LPG, MS, HSD, FO, Bitumen, world class MAK lubricants, Aviation Fuels, Base Oil, Petrochemicals and solvents etc.

We pride ourselves for being a caring and customer-centric organisation with long-lasting relationships with our customers. So wait no more come join the Bharatgas family and benefit from the world of finest products, best services and above all, good people!

Product & Package Range

Product & Package Range

Starting from a portable 5kg-cylinder, the hugely popular 19 kg package, the reliable 35kg and 47.5kg capacity cylinders to the 422 Kg Hippo - Bharatgas comes in various packages. All packages are available for VOT / LOT installations as well as for BMCG. Bulk tankers of various capacities from 6 MT to 18 MT provide customers with the liberty of choosing packages as per their requirement.

The state-of-the-art blending plant at JNPT enables Bharatgas to provide butane and propane separately resulting in enhanced end product performance for the customers needing them.

Industrial & Commercial LPG

Consultancy Services

From designing LPG systems as per relevant standards to operating, maintaining and troubleshooting, Bharatgas provides assistance at every stage making operations more convenient, reliable and safe.

From technical support and services during the initial set up phase of the project, we also offer assistance post start of production. Our expertise in supply of LPG to multiple users in Malls/ IT parks/ Business centres through metering from a common bank provides an edge to our customers.


Industrial & Commercial LPG

Training & Safety

Though LPG is a completely safe product, it is still a combustible fuel. Hence, safety is at core of all our business from a common bank provides an edge to our customers.

Bharatgas offers complete safety solutions in the form of safety audits and safety trainings. 24 X 7 emergency assistance is provided to all our customers for adequate support during any emergency.a common bank provides an edge to our customers.

Bulk LPG and Propane Installations

Bulk LPG and Propane Installations

Bharatgas bulk storage solutions are tailor-made to meet customer’s requirements. Bulk system consist of single or multiple LPG bullets tanks (above ground or mounded) complete with associated equipment as per SMPV rules (UF) 1981. These storage vessels are ideal for catering large production requirements and refilled on site through our mobile LPG tankers.

Bharatgas supplies both LPG Propane and Butane separately as well from various sources through a dedicated fleet of transporters resulting in resulting in enhanced end-product performance for customers needing these products.

Industrial & Commercial LPG

Conventional VOT Installations

Vapour Off-Take LPG installations which are being currently used in various commercial and industrial applications are usually suitable for customers requiring a low flow rate.

Industrial & Commercial LPG

LOT Installations

Liquid Off-Take LPG installations are effective and safer options over conventional Vapor Off Take (VOT) cylinders when flow rates are high. These installations employ a vaporizer and are currently being used in various commercial and industrial applications for customers requiring high flow rate of LPG for their processes.


  • Almost nil residue
  • Saves space: lower space requirement compared to bulk installations
  • Lower installation costs compared to bulk installations
  • Compact installation means lower cylinder handling compared to VOT installations
  • High Safety Standards: Every Bharatgas LOT installation conforms to standards of safety prescribed by IS 6044. Additionally, Bharatgas incorporates its own high standards to ensure customer safety gains precedence over everything else
Industrial & Commercial LPG

Bharatgas offers you following exclusive benefits:

  • Customised pricing
  • Benefit of ex-mi supplies from our Bottling plants / staging godowns
  • Basket offers of all fuels
  • Multiple supply sources
  • Delivery in small parcel sizes (for bulk customers with relatively lower quantity requirements)
  • Delivery at Door step & delivery assistance
  • Weight check and PDI of every cylinder (for supplies through cylinders)
  • Safety training programmes for staff
  • Safety clinics for users
  • Free safety inspection
  • Possibility of direct invoicing from Bharat Petroleum for customers with high requirements
  • Uninterrupted supply as per customers’ convenience
  • Benefit against form 11, Form C, Form CT3, etc.
  • Modvat invoicing to facilitate Excise benefit
  • Technical guidance in LPG installation, operation and maintenance
  • esolutions - Online access to our website and to your account to view Account Statements, Pricing, billing details etc.
  • Provision of SMS alerts, etc