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Retail Outlets
Speed Hi-Speed Diesel
Speed 97 SPEED Run 2004

Speed 97:-


Bharat Petroleum pioneered the launch of branded fuels in the country in July 2002 with the launch of Speed, high performance petrol. Subsequently BPCL launched Speed 93 petrol with 93 Octane for cars with high compression ratio. Both these products are currently market leaders with market share in excess of 50%. On 31.07.04 Bharat Petroleum launched yet another Brand, this time in the diesel category - Hi-Speed Diesel with fuel technology capable of reducing particle content in emissions while offering other benefits.

India has seen a rising trend of high-end vehicle sales. The year 2005 looks set to be another year of new launches, new technology and a renewed interest towards better, powerful, versatile, safer and environment friendly high performance cars. However, growth in high-end segment has always been slow due to the non-availability of High octane petrol. These high performance vehicles present today have to manage with the currently available petrol resulting in performance lower than what they are designed for. Therefore there was a need felt, for a high-octane petrol to complement technology enhancements. Speed 97 is just that kind of petrol.

Speed 97 is a unique blend of high-octane petrol with specially designed components. It also contains world-class multi-functional additive, which enables high performance vehicles to deliver their designed outputs by removing harmful deposits from all fuel metering systems and components. Speed 97 is formulated for those who care about their car, it's a petrol as advanced as today's latest high performance engine and comes from years of research into what drivers really want from their cars.

To reiterate the benefits to the customers will be
• Better responsiveness.
• Maximum power output
• Cleaner Environment
• Improved drivability

So the wait for High octane petrol is over. They can now look forward to a super smooth, high performance drive.

The product is now available at 2 retail outlets in Mumbai & will be rolled out across the country in a phased manner.



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