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Pure For Sure:-

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BPCL Pure for Sure ProgramPURE FOR SURE - The Sign of a New Revolution

Bharat Petroleum recognises that one of the basic needs of the customers is pure quality and correct quantity of fuels. Bharat Petroleum is passionately committed to making this need a reality at its Retail Outlets. As one of the major initiatives in this direction, Bharat Petroleum has launched an 'Enhanced Fuel Proposition' (EFP) programme - A nation-wide effort a dispensing pure quality and correct quantity of fuel, and at the same time delivering courteous, fast and efficient service.

The retail outlets covered under this program display the 'Pure for Sure' sign - an outturned palm forming a circle with the thumb and the first finger - also imprinted on the dispensing units and on the back of the blue uniform sported by DSMs, and TUV's certificate displayed at the outlet. At such Retail Outlets, Bharat Petroleum guarantees that the correct quality and quantity are dispensed. In order to be able to do so, strict quality control and tracking measures have been put in place at every point from the Supply Point (Depot) to the customer's fuel tank.

Special locks have been provided in tank lorries and comprehensive sealing has been undertaken at the dispensing units. Before certification, the Retail Outlets are subjected to stringent tests by TUV SUDDEUTSCHLAND - INDIA, a renowned international agency, to ensure that all parameters of the program are complied with. Mystery audits and extensive inspections are carried out at these Retail Outlets to ensure that they continue to comply with the requirements of the EFP program.

Expectations of the Customers out of this program:

  • Value for money from "Pure for Sure" outlets as these outlets dispense right Quantity of pure fuel.
  • Better mileage and lower maintenance expenses on their motor vehicles.
  • Efficient fuelling and courteous service resulting in saving of time.
  • Reduced pollution due to the use of pure fuel.

During the last 3 years Bharat Petroleum has implemented a set of Customer Service Standards, which has been well appreciated by customers. The 'Pure for Sure' program is an even more focussed, and intense effort towards ensuring Quality and Quantity, courteous and quick service.

Quality measures

Guaranteed Q&Q

With the ultimate aim to inspire complete trust in its retail outlets, Bharat Petroleum has adopted stringent measures to ensure quality and quantity at every point - right to the customer's fuel tank. To achieve this, two sets of Q&Q measures - 'Input measures', e.g., transportation of fuel to the outlet through pilfer proof padlocked tanklorries, and sealing and calibration of the dispensing units, etc. These special pilfer proof padlocks are provided with a set of two keys - one in custody of the loading location, the other with the dealer, thereby nullifying the risk of malpractice enroute.

Delivery of the right quantity is ensured by comprehensive sealing and calibration of the dispensing units which makes meter tampering impossible.

The 'Output Measures' involve rigorous periodic and surprise checks, regular testing of samples both for clinical and octane number, dedicated mobile vans, etc. Bharat Petroleum has collaborated with an independent global agency 'TUV SEDDEUTSCHLAND INDIA' to build a fully computerised format to be installed at every outlet. Adherence by the supply locations as well as by dealers, to Bharat Petroleum's enhanced standards will be certified by this German based agency, to promote overall public confidence in regard to the impartial evaluation of the programme. Only those outlets certified by 'TUV' would be eligible to come under the 'Pure for Sure' programme.

Courteous service: Customers choose vendors on their value perceptions, which include quality, reliability and expertise. Each time the customer drives into the forecourt he needs to be recognised and acknowledged, greeted with a smile, made to feel special, and cared for. It may perhaps take three or four fills for the customer to notice an improvement in Q&Q. But his first exposure to exemplary courtesy and personalised service will make an instant impact, resulting in reinforced consumer confidence and positive referrals.

Efficient fuelling: Here, time is a vital factor. The level of service should be quick and efficient so as to bring home the fact that precious time is not wasted on delayed transactions.

In adherence with its Q&Q promise to the consumer, Bharat Petroleum is vigilantly tracking performance on measures that monitor these efforts, as well as the resultant performance on various elements like total time taken to fuel each vehicle, Q&Q checks, etc. Performance is also tracked through mystery customer audits. Feedback on an outlet, i.e. dealer/DSMs performance is obtained from customers frequently patronising an outlet, through a questionnaire specially designed for the purpose.


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