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Speed Hi-Speed Diesel
Speed 97 SPEED Run 2004


Hi-Speed Diesel:-


HI- Speed Diesel enables high performance vehicle to deliver designed output
Considering the need for a premium quality diesel to complement technology enhancements in diesel vehicles, Bharat Petroleum have introduced hi performance diesel with brand name Hi speed Diesel.

Hi speed Diesel is a blend of Diesel and world-class multi-functional additives sourced from Afton Chemicals (formerly M/s Ethyl Asia Pacific Company). This additive uses the internationally renowned GreenBurn Combustion Technology. Multi-functional additive enables the high performance vehicles to deliver their designed outputs by removing harmful deposits from all fuel metering systems and engine components. This will also reduce particle level, black smoke and provide longer engine life .

Hi speed Diesel has been launched in Mumbai and Delhi markets, and in a phased manner the product will be launched across the country.
All the above high performance fuels come with the Pure for Sure guarantee which ensures correct quality and quantity. So, indulge yourself on “Speed fuels ” with the “Pure for Sure” assurance.

What is Hi-Speed Diesel?
Hi-Speed Diesel is the new high performance, eco-friendly diesel from Bharat Petroleum. It works on the patented Greenburn Combustion Technology and contains special cleansing additives sourced from Ethyl Corporation, USA. Hi-Speed Diesel cleans your engine as you drive, giving you peak performance, green performance.

How does Hi-Speed Diesel enhance the performance of my car?
The patented Greenburn Combustion Technology coupled with the special multifunctional additives in Hi-Speed Diesel significantly enhance engine performance. Here’s how:

  • Hi-Speed Diesel cleans up fuel injectors that are blocked with harmful deposits. It also prevents the formation of new deposits. This gives your engine maximum power and makes it work as good as new, every time.
  • Clean fuel injectors also mean a considerable reduction in black smoke and other harmful emissions from your car. This is good for the environment especially in metros like Mumbai where pollution levels are on the rise.
  • Hi-Speed Diesel ensures that fuel injection spray patterns are maintained. This results in easy start-ups, less fuel consumption and smoother driving for your car.
  • The anti-corrosion property of Hi-Speed Diesel protects injectors and other fuel system components from excess wear and tear. This not only improves the performance of your engine but also lowers maintenance costs.

What are the benefits of using Hi-Speed Diesel?
There are many benefits of using Hi-Speed Diesel. These include:

  • Complete combustion of fuel --> Maximum Output + Fuel Economy
  • Peak performance of engine --> Smoother drive
  • Anti-corrosion property --> Low Maintenance costs
  • Cleaner engine --> Cleaner Environment

Where is Hi-Speed Diesel available?
Hi-Speed Diesel is be available at select Pure for Sure outlets in Mumbai and Delhi only. Soon , it will be available at more Pure for Sure outlets across the country.

NOTE: Hi-Speed Diesel will completely remove preformed deposits from the fuel tanks, etc. Depending on the extent of initial deposits, the freed deposits might get collected in the fuel filter and clog it. This may necessitate a filter replacement in some cases.

For more details on Hi-Speed Diesel, please log on to http://www.speedfuels.com/

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