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Dealer Section

M/s Bharat Petroleum Corporation will be advertising in prominent dailies for selection of dealers for their proposed retail outlet (Petrol pumps) dealerships at various locations in various states.

Dear Dealers,

BPCL has over the years and more so in the last decade successfully leveraged the strength of ‘Information Technology’ in the conduct of business. To spread its benefits to you all, our extended family, which could help initiate steps to provide you a cutting edge over competitors, fair amount of work has already been done.

Another one of the new facilities now being added to the basket and meant to support you is the ‘Vehicle Tracking System’ (VTS). Vehicle Tracking System is union of Global Positioning system (GPS ) and GSM- SMS to pin point accurate position of vehicles and conveying this information to central computer system. BPCL has installed these devices in more than 6000 oil tankers. Complete movement of vehicles can be seen on overlay route maps. This system is integrated with Company’s ERP system which supplies basic information i.e. origin & destination for the vehicle.

VTS application selects the approved route for the movement and tracks the position of vehicle during the movement. Speed limit violations, route diversion etc. are some of the other reporting provided by the system.

VTS is an effective tool for analyzing the product delivery process. It helps you to track vehicles & consignments on real time. VTS system is expected to enhance, safety, Quality Control, logistics efficiency for all stake holders.

Click on the link below to take you to the site where you could view the same. Use by customer code as login Id. Incase of any help please contact you supply point.


Dealership Data

This section shall have the details of the Retail outlet dealer ships.


This section shall have the detailed advertisement for any location as and when such advertisements are released by us in the newspapers. This location can be traced through the corresponding District / State / Region as applicable, to reach the advertisement

Click here to view the Advertisements for the relevant areas.

Click here to Apply Online for Retail Outlet Dealership.
Dealer Selection Guideline

Click here to view the Dealer Selection brochure valid from 9 - 10- 2014

Click here to view Hindi Dealer Selection brochure valid from 9 - 10- 2014

Sample Application Form

Application for such dealerships has to be submitted by eligible applicants in plain paper in the standard format appearing in the advertisement as and when such advertisement is released in respect of any location. For public convenience we are posting the application format on the website which can also be downloaded and the format used. However, it is to be clearly understood that this blank application is only a specimen and will be valid only if filled in accordance with the eligibility criteria as applicable for the respective location and accompanied by the specified application fee against specific advertisement released for any location, which please note.

The revised dealer selection brochure for retail outlets along with the application format is under formulation and would be hosted shortly.
Candidates who have applied

Click here to view the List of Applied Candidates for the relevant areas.

Eligible/In-eligible Candidates

Click here to view the List of Eligible/Non-eligible Candidates for the relevant areas.

Interview Dates

Click here to view the List of Interview Dates for the relevant areas.


When the interview for any location is completed for selecting the dealership for a retail outlet at any state, location, the Marksheets are also uploaded on the website.

Click here to view the Marksheets for the relevant areas.