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Industrial Products


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Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen

Unique Product For All Weather Flexible Roads :


PCL - CRMB is the best and most suitable for Indian Roads of all weather, Highways, Traffic denser roads, Junctions, Airfield Runways, Heavy duty and high traffic Sea Port roads etc... It is highly durable and dependable economical solution for raveling, undulations, rutting, bleeding, shoving and potholes problems.

BPCL - CRMB is manufactured using Crumb Rubber from heavy vehicle tyres, which is Mechanically Partial de-vulcanized and chemically treated. Additives like Natural Asphalt and Natural Rubber latex are added and flexed at high temperature using high shear mixing and come with enhanced properties.

BPCL - CRMB passes 0.6 mm IS sieve & Retained on 0.15 mm sieve.

CRMB Advantage Over Normal Bitumen :
  • Higher resistance to deformation at increased road temperature enhances smooth drive comforts,
  • Improved adhesion and bonding with aggregates, Higher softening point, High flow resistance and Higher impact resistance, takes heavy vehicular traffic.
  • Higher skid resistance, Better road grip and smother vehicle break application, which reduces accident chances
  • Higher elongation and tensile strength, increases Elasticity. Reduced thermal sensitivity, which avoids all types of cracks under stress
  • Reduced degree of rutting, improves driving comforts even on higher axle loads
  • Anti- stripping properties. High resistance to moisture / water absorption hence no damage to roads during rains even under improper drainage.
  • Higher aging resistance due to passivity to oxidation (resists degradation on high application temperature as well as during summer. Longer road pavement life and lesser maintenance.
  • No change in pavement laying practice, application and machinery and overall cost reduction.
Specifications :
BPCL – CRMB is superior to the stringent specifications of IRC:SP-53 of 2002, BIS specs IS - 15462 of 2004.
Full Specifications of BPCL – CRMB
Test Bpcl - CRMB Grades Test Method
Penetration at 25'C 0.1 mm, 100 - gms on 5 Secs < 70 < 60 < 50 IS:1203-1978
Softening point Deg 'C' (R&B), min.


57 62 IS:1205-1978
Elastic Recovery of Half Thread in Ductilometer at 15'C, % min. > 55 > 55 > 55 Appendix – 1 (IRC:SP:53-2002)
Flash Point, COC. Deg 'C' min. 220 220 220 IS:1206-1978

Separation, difference in softening point R&B, 'C max.

3 3 3 Appendix - 2 (IRC:SP:53-2002)

Test on Thin Film Oven Test (TFOT) on Residue (IS : 9382 - 1992)

Penetration at 25'C, 0.1 mm, 100 gms, for 5 secs. Min % of Original 60 60 50 IS:1203-1978
Increase in Softening Point, Degree 'C' (R&B), min. 7 6 5 IS:1205-1978
Elastic Recovery of Half Thread in Ductilometer at 15'C, % min. 35 35 35 Appendix - 1 (IRC:SP:53-2002)



RMB Bulk is transported through Insulated Bitumen tank Lorries with proper heating and product circulation arrangements. CRMB tank Lorries are sealed and come with special locking arrangements.

The existing Product Discharge (PD) pump in the tanker is used for circulation without any modification in the tanker.

CRMB loading temperature at the Plant is between 160 - 180 degree Celsius and the unloading temperature to be 140 to 150 degree Celsius for easier decantation.

If the temperature is lower than 140’C in the tank lorry then CRMB should be heated to 140’C and circulated (recommended) using the PD Pump for 30 minutes before decantation.

Recommended Controls And Mixes At Site For Best Results
Sr. No Work Stage Viscosity (poise) Temperature at ‘C
1 Binder at Mixing Max 2 165 - 185
2 Mixing at Mixing Plant Max 4 140 – 160
3 Mix at Laying site Max 5 130 – 150
4 Rolling at Laying site 10 - 10000 115 - 135

It is recommended to heat the aggregates near to 170’C to obtain best adhesion and anti stripping properties.

The controls during mixing, laying and curing shall be the same as specified in Indian Roads Congress (IRC) specifications for roads, Runways and MoR&TH guidelines for normal Bitumen.

CRMB Tank Lorry Decantation
CRMB is loaded at above 160 degree Celsius in the plant. The product CRMB is denser, thicker and sticky than conventional bitumen therefore needs some special attention while decanting it.
  • If CRMB Tanker temperature is 140 degree Celsius and above, it is easy to decant using the procedure applicable for normal bitumen. However 20 minutes circulation is recommended before decantation at this temperature.
  • If CRMB tanker temperature is below 140 degree Celsius, then heat CRMB using the heating facility of the tank lorry. When the temperature reaches 140 degree Celsius, circulate CRMB using PD pump (connect the discharge metalic flexible hose of the PD pump to the top manhole of the tanker and secure it fast). After 20 minutes of circulation decant CRMB.
  • While circulating CRMB in the tanker, continue heating so as to maintain temperature above 140 degree Celsius.
  • When the tanker is empty or the Fire-pipe is above Bitumen level in the tanker, burners of the tank lorry heating system should never be used.
  • CRMB is handled at high temperature and above 120 degree Celsius at any time. Therefore all safety precautions should be followed while handling CRMB. Safety equipments like hand gloves, Safety shoes and safety goggles should be used.
  • Do not stand in front of the discharge valve while operating
  • Keep the Top manhole cover open to let off heated gas / vapour and make safer conditions for decantation.
  • Do not use naked flame to check CRMB level / Emptiness of the tank before, during and after decantation.
  • Keep untrained staff and children away from the place of decantation.
  • Keep plenty of water and First aid kid available at the site.
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