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Industrial Products
Industrial Fuels and Solvents:-




Naphtha (LAN & HAN)

Naphtha is generally used as a fuel in Power Plants/ Petrochemical Plants/Fertilizer units and also for production of Hydrogen plants.

Power plants use High Aromatic Naphtha whereas other category of customers prefers to use Low aromatic Naphtha. However the categorisation of Low /High/ Mixed Naphtha varies with each Refinery. Fertilizer /Petrochemical industries also specify the aromatic content depending on the design of their plant. There is no BIS specification for Naphtha.

Safety Information :
  • Reactivity Data - Chemically stable and incompatible with strong oxidizers. Does not React vigorously with common materials but may react with oxidizing agents
  • Health Hazard Data - Routes of entry may be through inhalation, ingestion, dermal absorption and eye.
Effects of Exposure /Symptoms :
  • Inhalation can cause unconsciousness which may go to coma.
  • Ingestion : In mild form intoxication resembles drunkenness. Sometimes headache, lack of appetite, ingestion or while vomiting can cause systemic effects after repeated exposure.
  • Skin and eye contact can cause irritation to the skin. Prolonged or repeated contact results in dry skin and development of termatitis.
Emergency Treatment :
  • Inhalation - remove victim to fresh air. Give artificial respiration if necessary. Remove contaminated clothing quickly.
  • Ingestion - do not induce vomiting. Keep victim warm and quiet. Olive Oil or any other vegetable oil should be given orally to retard absorption of Naphtha.
Handling and Storage Precaution :

Store in a dry, cool and explosion-proof area. Avoid contact with liquid or vapours. Provide face sheets or safety gaggles to protect eyes, plastic or rubber hand gloves, eye wash facilities.

It should be stored in closed container away from heat & source of ignition. As handling and safety precaution, avoid contacts with liquid or vapours and use personnel protective equipment. Sometimes flashback may occur along vapour trail.

The fire fighting media to be used is foam, DCP/CO2. Do not use water jet.
Specification of NAPHTHA – LAN
Sr.No Test Method Specification
1 Density @ 15°C, g/ml P : 16 To be reported
2 Total Sulphur, %wt

P : 34 / IP : 336

3 Residue on Evaporation, mg/100 ml
P : 29 Max. 5
4 Paraffins, %v GC Min. 65
5 Aromatics, % v P : 23/GC Max.11
6 Naphthenes+Aromatics, %v P : 23/GC Balance
7 Olefins, %v P : 23/GC Max. 1
8 Calorific Value, Gross Kcal/kg (Calculated) P : 7 To be reported
9 Distillation IBP, °C
P : 18 Min. 34
10 FBP, °C   Max.180
11 Reid Vapour Pressure @ 38°C, psi
P : 39 Max.10
12 Lead as Pb, ppb wt. ASTM D-1368 Max.50
13 Colour (Saybolt) P : 14 Min.+20
  Chlorides as Cl, ppmw Appendix D Max. 10
Specification of NAPHTHA (High Aromatic)
Sr.No Test Method Specification
1 Density @ 15°C, g/ml P : 16 0.682 to 0.75
2 Appearance


Clear & Bright
3 Colour Visual Colourless
4 Total Sulphur, %wt P : 34 / IP : 336 Max.0.1
5 Residue on Evap. mg/100 ml P : 29 Max. 5
6 Aromatics, % V P : 23/GC Max. 20.0
7 Olefins, % V P : 23/GC Max. 1.0
8 Calorific Value, Kcal/kg (Calculated)
P : 7 Min. 11300

- IBP, °C
- 50% recovered @ °C
- FBP, °C

P : 18
To be reported
Max. 130
Max. 180
10 RVP @ 38° C, psi P : 39 Max. 10
11 Lead as Pb, ppm. ASTM D-1368 Max.0.2
12 K. V. @ 15°C, cSt,
P : 25 Min. 0.5
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